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Diluvian is a doom-like FPS where you fight through a living ship of stone and flesh. Blast, cut and smash through challenging and aggressive enemies. Find secrets and traverse obstacles as you puzzle together the events going on aboard the ship. 

-FPS with a mix of hit scan enemies and projectile enemies.
-Pixel art.
-Enemies and objects are animated sprites in a 3d environment.
-Science fiction story.
-Challenging death mechanic.
-Interesting damage system.

You awaken aboard a tomb ship, groggy from a millennia-long sleep that should have lasted to your destination, but something has gone wrong. Enemy soldiers have flooded the corridors, seeking to steal the artifacts of your order. Grab your ion-impaler and honor blade. Drive back the defiling horde and find out what has happened to the other knights that should have been sleeping in the coffins beside yours.

In Diluvian, combat it a dance where you have to stay moving to survive. Not everything that hurt hurts the same, you see. Some attacks only scratch your health, building ever more scars atop scars until a single hit from a deadly weapon topples you like a house of cards. Other weapons just take a bite out of your health directly. Better keep straight what enemy ditches out what damage and when, or death and defeat can come in an instant.

The same goes for your own arsenal. One weapon might scratch the enemy until you are ready to finish it off with a slash from your sword. other weapons are straight up killers, but a bit slow, or ammo consuming.

Should you die, take heed. Because the tomb ship will not let your flesh go so easily. It will revive you again and again, but each time you come back a little weaker. In what way you diminish exactly, is your own choice. what can you spare?

Can you make it to the end of the ship, when at the end you have only your skill and wits to help you?