CrestHelm Studio Presents:

Diluvian Ultra

Experience fast paced high octane FPS combat, cut through hordes of enemies inside a spaceship of stone and flesh.


  • First Person Shooter
  • Single Player campaign
  • Sci-fi setting and story focused on biotechnology
  • Retro aesthetic with billboard enemies, like in the early shooters of the 90s
  • Pixel art style
  • Made in Unreal 4
  • Small development team of 3 people
  • Development started 2016 with a single developer

Available Platforms

  • Gamejolt

Projected release date

  • Early Access, First half of 2020
  • Full release, Spring of 2021

Development Studio

  • CrestHelm Studio

In Diluvian you play as Atilla. Waking up after a millennia long sleep to find his ship crawling with invaders. An entire army has set up camp in the halls and chambers of the living ship that was supposed to carry Atilla and his castle to the Crescent expanse. Now he will have to drive out the invaders before they lay their hands on the secret the castle was built to protect: The book of life.

The spaceship is a living combination of flesh and stone, teaming with creatures created to serve a purpose aboard the ship. Even the doors are alive.

Diluvian is built around a damage system where you have to combine weapons to be effective. Armor negates most damage, but some weapons are designed to damage only the armor itself, setting the victim up for a lethal blow. The player has to be careful, as enemies will combine their attacks in the same way. Armor damage cannot kill you, but take too much and a single well placed lethal attack will kill you in one hit.

Combat in Diluvian is all about mobility. Dodge enemy fire, while you chain together ranged attacks with close combat blows and devastating ground slams to interrupt and stun your enemies.

The weapons range from living insect guns, to plasma spewing shotguns. Each has a unique special reload function, like healing armor damage or turning the magazine into a grenade.